5 Top Tips For Your Instagram Stories/TV...

5 Top Tips for IGTV/Stories!

Instagram is fast becoming one of the most popular social medias out there. Just five years after the launch of video on Instagram they introduced IGTV. They say they’re evolving with the times; by 2021 mobile video will account for 78% of mobile data traffic. So we thought we’d come up with our five best tips for IGTV..

  • Add links in your IGTV video descriptions- any links added to your video description is instantly clickable so you can start driving traffic to your website straight from instagram.

  • Go crazy with your hashtags- Hashtags are more popular on Instagram than they are Twitter. On Twitter, the best practice is to include 1-2 hashtags with your tweet. On Instagram, there is no such thing as too many. You can include as many as 30 hashtags in your IGTV video description to make them more accessible. If you’re worried about them cluttering your description then put them in the comments section!

  • Ensure your videos are filmed vertically- The IGTV channel is entirely filmed vertically so yours should be too. The app mainly supports videos that have been originally filmed vertically so start filming a vertical version of all of your footage too.

  • Promote your IGTV through your instagram story- you can upload a 15 second snippet of your video to your instagram story and provide a link to your IGTV. Or you could simply do a 15-second promo to your IGTV video and then provide a link to the video. Users will just have to swipe up to watch your IGTV video.

  • Create IGTV highlights- the 15 second promo you just made of your video can be saved as a highlight. These will then be saved at the top of your feed when someone visits your Instagram profile. Allowing new followers to watch older videos easily.

With these top tips, you may want to consider creating an IGTV for your business or just improving the way you use your existing channel.