Where can you get your Video Content from?

Where can you get your Video Content from?

Sometimes our clients ask what content they should have in their videos, or where they’re supposed to get the content from. So we’ve come up with some content ideas for you to use in your next videos for your business.

Do you write a blog? Examine your blog posts and determine which ones resonate most with your audience. With each post you already have a script that people are interested in. You can then turn these blog posts into regular videos to go alongside your blog or as a vlog alternative.

Get us to film experiences that you partake in or just everyday activities to let your audience have an insight into how your company runs. Have you been to a networking event? Had an office party? Or a corporate anniversary? Film it! This allows people a good insight into your company’s brand culture, it makes your company seem more human hence instilling an element of trust within your business.

Create a video explaining what your product or service is. How will it solve your clients problems? Why is it a must in their lives? Why are you the best people to choose for the job? Or simply just explain how it works.

Get us to film you having a conversation with multiple people. Set up a Q&A, answering questions your audience may have or with someone high up in your company to allow them insight into your business. A good interview should follow a set of guidelines but should feel completely unscripted. A well done interview is like a ‘Get Out of Jail Free’ card for your content calendar and at the very least should spark some discussion on your LinkedIn.

If you’ve been providing a good service so far, then you should be amassing a large number of testimonials from previous and existing customers that you could use. Organise a free event for your clients to attend and start asking them some questions about your product. Questions such as, what would you tell potential customers who are currently sitting on the fence? Or what are 1 or 2 unexpected benefits you got as a result of our product? Etc. These are good to gather powerful, persuasive testimonials.

But these are just a few ideas, we could go on forever as there is compelling video content just about everywhere!

By Katie Ware