Corporate Video

We're bombarded with stats, quotes and advice imploring us to create more video content for our businesses. Facebook are prioritising it, Google are using it to prioritise search results, LinkedIn are even massive fans. But although most people can point a camera and hit record, creating regular video seems a little daunting.

But not any more. We're here to help! We've realised that with a little guidance anyone can create regular corporate videos that are of the kind of quality that they are proud of. But how?! Well that's the magic part....

  1. We supply all the equipment you need
  2. We teach you how to make videos and guide you as to what type of videos you should be making (we've distilled the process down to being as simple as following a checklist!).
  3. You do the filming, then upload your video files
  4. We edit the clips, add on your branding and send back to you the finished video!