You need to create more video content

You need to be creating more video content in order to grow your business. This can feel like a hugely daunting, time-consuming and complicated task.

The Solution?

Let us guide you through the process. We will provide you with a really simple shooting kit, a free video planning app, video-making tutorials and we will edit your videos for you. All you have to do is plan, shoot and send!

In collaboration with the Dorset Growth Hub's match fund, for £1,500 you will get:

  • A camera kit with everything you need to get started
    • Sony A5100 Camera
    • Tripod
    • Case
    • Memory Card
  • A consultation with one of our industry experts
  • Professional video branding package
  • 12 credits (video edits) for The Video Club
  • A day-long workshop to cover every aspect of video production and planning
  • Free video planner app

Talk to the Growth Hub

In order to take advantage of this offer you need to apply through Dorset Growth Hub. To talk to them, fill in the following form:

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