You Have Been Invited...

You're seeing this page because we feel that you would make a great partner of The Video Club. By signing your clients up to the service you are introducing them to the world of regular, quality video content. And we'd like to thank you for that!


Payback is a bitch?

If one of your clients joins the club, we'll throw some cold hard cash your way. Or if you really want to add value then we'll give you credit towards The Video Club, or bespoke Treehouse Digital content.

So, for each client you sign up we'll pay you £50 p.m (10%) as long as they stay a member. OR if you choose to go the way of credits, we'll give you £100 of credit per month. So sign up five clients and you get free video club for yourself (are you making enough video content, really?!?).


We'll Help Guide you, to guide them

We've put together some handy leaflets and video (obviously!) to help promote the correct use of video which we'll send through to you once you sign up.

We'll also be keeping our blog active by interviewing experts, giving out advice and helping inspire businesses to make better video. By partnering with us you can allow us to be the 'technical' experts while you focus on the wider strategy. 



Do We White Label?

Nope. We don't white label the service. Why? Because we believe that transparency should be at the core of every content strategy, and we are confident in our credibility as experts in the world of video.

We also recognise that there is great value in content marketing experts helping businesses to come up with content ideas, strategies and to keep the whole thing running, which is why we would love to work with you!

The team behind The Video Club also create high end commercial video and films. To learn more about us (Treehouse Digital) head to our site.