Filming an event video is a really simple task. In order to keep it fresh, interesting and fast cutting, we find that the best way to edit it together is as a montage. This means all you have to do is capture as many cool clips as you can! We filmed the You Are The Media Lunch Club in January and used our experience there to tell you how to film the perfect event video. 


If you want to really make the most of having your camera handy during an event, why not film a few interviews while you're there? To do this, follow our interview tutorials and simply make sure you set your interviewee up in a place without too much loud noise (but a little bit of background noise actually helps set the scene!).


A social video is the perfect way to shout about something in an eye-catching and interesting way. Your video would be made using your brand colours, fonts and logos, and it could not be easier to get started. Watch this video below to see exactly what to do.

Using our video club portal, all we need to create a video like this is: 

  • An opening sentence.
  • Bullet points - we recommend between 3 and 10.

That's really it! You can add photos to your video, but if you don't have the time to look for any, we can do that for you. If you do want to add files, simply click 'add files', select your files, and wait while they upload. You can then see them at the bottom of the pop up, and if you've missed anything you can just add more!


PLEASE NOTE: The images we choose to use in Social videos are copyright free. Any images you send us should either belong to you, or come from a copyright free website (we recommend!


If you have a product that you want to show off then there is no better way than to make a video explaining it's key features. They're a lot easier to achieve than you may think, here's how it's done. Download the factsheet that accompanies these tutorials.

If you want to include a voiceover in your product video, watch our tutorial for some tips on the best way to do that.


A really great way to get fresh content. All you need is to grab your camera and interview someone. It can be your staff, a client, an industry expert or anyone you like! This is the best way to make testimonial videos or to start getting your team used to being in front of the camera. Download the factsheet that accompanies these our Interview tutorials.

Need some help getting the best out of your interviewee? Watch our tutorial here


Vlogging is a great way of presenting information to your audience. Essentially it is one person talking to a camera and can cover any subject you like. It's great for announcements, opinion, advice or imparting knowledge. If you currently write a blog or regularly write articles on social media then this is a great way of getting into regular video content. Download the factsheet that summarises all of our Vlogging tutorials.

Here's a recap on everything you need to know when filming a Vlog. If you want more information, watch our tutorials on framing a vlog and presenting a vlog.