Welcome to the Academy

The Academy is our place of learning. This is an ever expanding collection of tutorials to enable you to go from absolute beginner to expert in nice steady steps. We've split the video archive into sections to make it easier. Start with 'The Basics' then move on to learn about 'Video Strategy' and 'Video Production'.


The Basics

Learn how to operate your camera, how to upload your footage for us to edit, and some nice simple techniques to make your first videos successful. 

Here you get to grips with how simple it is to create regular video and we give a basic overview of the types of video you should be (and now can be!) creating.


Video Strategy

This is where you can learn about what type of videos work, why they work and when they work best. We go from a very quick overview with actionable lessons right into deep dives into the latest trends and fads.

We'll regularly provide inspiration and guidance so you never have the dreaded 'blank page' feeling again!


Video Production

You've learnt the basics and are creating some nice videos, but there are ways of making them even better!

This section is where we distill the expertise from our years of filmmaking (we're Oscar qualifying filmmakers after all!) We'll also include advice from our community of users and experts that are using the service.

Some Examples from the Academy

Not in the club?!? Well then you're missing out on a whole bunch of advice and teaching. As well as tutorial videos we also have printable factsheets to accompany everything so you're never on your own when you're creating quality content!

Example of part of a printable factsheet

Example of part of a printable factsheet

Example of a printable factsheet

Example of a printable factsheet