The Basics

Your camera has arrived, you're ready to make your first video. So let us tell you how to do it! Also in this series are some must watch how-to guides. Before you contact us for help, make sure you've watched these!


How to Upload Videos for Editing

This is a guide for how to upload the files to us for editing and tell us all about it. We use dropbox to get your files. Why? because it is reliable, secure and safe.


How to Set Up your Camera

[download factsheet]

If you chose the startup bundle follow this guide to set up your camera so you're ready to go.


How to set up your Tripod

You need to use the tripod regularly to avoid too many shaky shots, so here's a quick video explaining how to set it up.


How to Select your Footage

Once you've filmed your masterpiece (following the tutorials in the production section). You need to select the best files to send to us. Well it just so happens it's easy-peasy, here's how it's done.

[download factsheet]



Using Your Office Light

You don't have a studio to film in? Well here's some tips on getting the best out of the lighting in your office.