The Video Club go to Lunch!

Yesterday, a couple of us headed down to the fabulous You Are The Media Lunch Club. Following our own advice and seizing the opportunity to create some more content, we took two of our cameras along, filmed a couple of clips, and spent the afternoon editing! 

Here’s what we ended up with… 

As an editor, I had a couple of notes for myself, as I would with any of our clients. In order to make this video even better, there are a couple of simple things I could have done and I thought I’d share these with you in the hope they could help with your event videos!

At the very least, plan what you would like as a start, middle and end to your video.

  • While you might want a relaxed, fly-on-the-wall style video, a little bit of planning will still go a long way. With no clear plan for our Lunch Club video, I shot a variety of rather random shots, and struggled to put them together coherently.

Shoot way more than you think you’ll need.

  • Shooting as much as possible can make the sorting process a little daunting when you come to send us your clips, but trust me when I say it will be worth it. Sitting and editing our video, I kept thinking “ah, I wish I’d recorded that moment”. This is hard, as there’s a fine line between shooting enough and shooting everything, but try and record a little bit of each element of your event. For example, if there are speakers, record a little bit of every one just in case! 

Variety is key

  • Shoot from as many angles and places as you can during the event. Shoot wide shots, panning shots, close ups, time-lapses. Keep moving so that your footage doesn’t become too boring.


On the other hand, there were a couple of things that went really well during this shoot…


iPhone time lapses

  • Shooting a time-lapse on your phone is so easy, and so effective. A time lapse acts as a perfect cutaway, and a perfect way of showing the scope of your event. Find a suitable place to prop your phone up safely - preferably in a corner and as high up as you can, and simply press go.