No-one cares about your video...

...There, I said it. Feels good to get it off of my chest. The thing you need to understand is that if you're not Steven Spielberg then people aren't sat around waiting for your next video masterpiece. Feeling hurt? Well I do have some good news...

With the popularity of video becoming ever increasing so too does the expectation of a potential customer/client. Let me explain. People aren't on the edge of their seats applauding your perfect video masterpiece; but they are watching, engaging and learning from your content. And they expect this as normality.

People will care about you, your brand and also your video content AS A WHOLE. They will bask in your consistency and transparency, they will trust you more and empathise with your brand like never before.

So What?

Good question. The real crux of my point is this. Stop faffing around with one video and instead get stuff made, get it out there and make sure it is YOUR voice. You will learn and get better as you go and people will be so much more confident with your brand as a result. Try it for yourself, check out some brands online and see which ones look more trustworthy/quality, the ones with one shiny (out of date) video or the ones that consistently put out quality content? Boom, there you go.

So I can publish any old crap?

Hell no. Stop right there! You need to make sure that what you are saying is worth listening to. You need to make sure it at least looks moderately professional (we can help you there!) and you need to make sure that your message is consistent. It's easier than you think!

Let me know in the comments if you agree/disagree and if you have any experiences to share.