Where do you start?!

If the idea of creating your own video content is still a little overwhelming, do not fear, you are not alone. The world of video is huge and expanding every day, but we are here to help you get started.

Not sure where to begin? 

If your company have never made video content before, starting with an introduction might actually be a lot easier than you think. This could be as simple or as exciting as you like, but the main thing is that your audience get a feel for who you are, and what you do. Some simple ideas are: 

  • A walkthrough of your office/work space. If you have anything interesting on display, you’ve instantly got a talking point - awards, cool furniture, funny posters and signs - ANYTHING. 
  • Introduce your team. This could be as informal as walking around your office and waving to everyone, or as formal as sitting each team member down for a proper interview. Either way, showing your customers or clients that you are real people will make it much easier for them to connect with you. 
  • Just dive straight in and make your first vlog, product or how-to video!

No matter how scary it may seem, we set up The Video Club so that you can’t really go wrong! If you have no idea how to use a camera, present a vlog, or film a product, watch our tutorials. You don’t need to worry about making it look fancy - that’s our job! Have fun with your video and just start creating content for your business. The more you make, the easier it becomes.