What Videos Should your Business be Creating?

So you've decided that you believe the hype. You NEED regular, quality content for your business. But now you're wondering what it is you should be creating. 

Here's a sample of some of the video types available to you, I'll break them down after the video.


This is where someone talks straight into the camera. It can be as simple as that or you can include 'cutaways' showing different things. If you are on the move it can be fun to do one part of the video in the office then cut to the beach, or an exhibition or something. 

Vlogs are a great way of transferring something you may have already written as a blog into a video (with some text graphics highlighting key points), or to talk about something you think people need to know about. It's a brilliant first step into regular online content because it can be as simple or complicated as you like.


This is where you sit someone down and ask them some simple questions. It's the easiest way to bring your staff or CEO into the video content world as they just need to answer your questions honestly and openly. You can then record some 'cutaways' of the things they are talking about, or get us to put some key figures/stats/words on the screen to liven it up a bit. 

Interview videos are amazing for grabbing testimonials, they are also a great way of highlighting the personality of your brand by interviewing members of your staff. You'll soon find yourself taking your camera everywhere you go in case you meet someone you think is worth interviewing!

Product Videos

If you have a product the best way to show it off is to make a video of it. Nothing really compares to the amount of info you can gleam from watching something through video (even if it's an inanimate object). 

If you sell things, make videos of them. We can add the key stats onto the screen and instantly you'll be maximising the potential to convert with that product. This is ideal for retailers, car dealers etc. 

Announcement Videos

If you have something you need to say quickly, but don't have a bunch of footage to back it up then these are awesome. Just send us the text, any images or video clips you want included and we'll create the video. 

If you are promoting something on facebook, twitter or Instagram these really stand out. If the message is simple then it really stands out in peoples feeds.

Other Video Types

There's loads of other types of video types available to you but for absolute beginners these are the places to start. If you get the startup bundle then you'll have a consultation with one of our experts who can help you decide what your first few videos should be. Once you get started you'll never look back!