Video Production

You know we're Oscar qualifying filmmakers right? So therefore we thought we'd distill some of our knowledge to help you make better videos. We've split the videos up into each style of video we think you'll make, but we recommend you watch them all anyway to pick up some top tips.



Vlogging is a great way of presenting information to your audience. Essentially it is one person talking to a camera and can cover any subject you like. It's great for announcements, opinion, advice or imparting knowledge. If you currently write a blog or regularly write articles on social media then this is a great way of getting into regular video content. Download the factsheet that accompanies these videos.


How to Film a Vlog 1 -Framing for a VLog

In this video we show you how to position the camera for best effect when filming a Vlog style video (a video where you talk to the camera, like in these how to videos!)


How to film a Vlog 2 -Presenting a Vlog

Worried about getting in front of the camera? Well don't be, follow our easy to master tricks and tips and you'll look pro in no time.


How to film a Vlog 3 -Recap

A recap on everything you need to know when filming a Vlog.




Interview Videos

A really great way to get fresh content. All you need is to grab your camera and interview someone. It can be your staff, a client, an industry expert or anyone you like! This is the best way to make testimonial videos or to start getting your team used to being in front of the camera. Download the factsheet that accompanies these videos.


Filming an Interview

In this video we go over the basics of filming an interview video.


Getting Good Answers in an Interview

You've persuaded someone to let you interview them, now find out how to get the best out of them for you to make a great video.


Product Videos

If you have a product that you want to show off then there is no better way than to make a video explaining it's key features. They're a lot easier to achieve than you may think, here's how it's done. Download the factsheet that accompanies these videos.


How to Shoot a Product Video

You have a great product? Well here's how to shoot it. The same technuique works for anything from paperclips to cars and houses, these also work really well if you have a cafe or something similar and want to show off your latest creations!


Recording a Voiceover

Want to add a voiceover to your video? You can hire a voiceover artist, or instead just do it yourself! Here's how.


How To Videos

These area a really nice way of convincing people to take the plunge if they're investigating your product/service. A how to video can cover anything from 'how to fit a lightbulb' to 'how to fill in a tax return' or 'how to utilise your office lighting in a video'!

How to Film a How-To Video

Learn the fundamentals that work for all how-to videos.